Meet Our Doctor

John C. Marzano DPM

dr marzanoIn July of 1985, following my Podiatric Preceptorship I began my podiatric career by purchasing the practice of a retiring Richard Cerchiara DPM in Mount Vernon, NY. I applied and became the first Podiatrist granted operating room privileges at Mount Vernon Hospital in 1986. At Mount Vernon Hospital over the next three years I performed numerous fore foot and rear foot surgical procedures. In June of 1990 following the submission and acceptance of 250 surgical case studies to the American Board of Podiatric Surgery I sat for the board certification examination. In August of the same year I received my certificate by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. From 1990 to 1994 I served as Chairman of the Podiatric Department at Mount Vernon Hospital. During those years we added several Podiatrists to our surgical staff.

In 1994 I resigned from the staff at Mount Vernon Hospital to accept an appointment to St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Bardonia. I was invited to be the staff Podiatrist at the St. John’s Riverside Hospital Wound Care Center and was sent to Miami Florida for training in wound and ulcer care by Curative Technologies, a business partner of our wound care center. I have been the podiatric surgeon at St. John’s Wound Healing Center for the past 10 years. I am primarily responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic ulcerations, gangrene, and foot infections. Specialized diagnostic modalities commonly used in this setting are x-ray, MRI, technesium and indium scanning. I have extensive experience treating diabetic foot infections, including osteomyelitis, medically with our infectious disease department, and surgically. Specialized therapeutic modalities commonly utilized in my practice include, EBI bone stimulator technology, concentrated activated platelet growth factor grafting, Dermagraft tissue grafting, and total contact casting. Many patients with diabetic ulcerations require surgery. I have extensive experience performing Charcot Foot stabilizations, triple arthrodesis, midtarsal arthrodesis, Chopart and Lisfrank joint amputations, single ray resections, metatarsal head resections, bone grafting, and amputation revision for prior amputations with poor outcome.

In addition to my activity as a wound care specialist, I have maintained a general podiatry practice. I have a large referral base of pedestrians who send me children with flatfoot, in toe, warts, and in growing toenails. I treat fungal toenails, heel pain and trauma. I have surgically corrected countless bunions, hammertoes, in growing toenails and warts. I have experience with several types of internal and external fixation devices for bone surgery. I prescribe and dispense several types of protective devices for feet including accommodative and functional foot orthotics and Body Armor Walker Boots.

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