PinPointe Foot Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails

Many people suffer from common infections of the foot. With more winter months ahead, there is an increased likelihood of contracting a fungal infection under the nails, which usually goes unnoticed in its early stages. The infection can quickly spread onto other toenails causing them to become thick, brittle, discolored, crumbly, or loose. The fungus […]

4 Winter Foot Care Tips

Winter comes with its own set of unique challenges, especially when it comes to your body and health. At Westchester Podiatric Medicine, P.C., we know how important it is to take those extra foot care steps to avoid serious winter foot problems. That’s why we have put together a list of our top foot care […]

Important Do’s and Don’ts for Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes is a whole-body illness, affecting nearly every major body system. The feet are at particular risk as it brings with it the added threat of reduced circulation, neuropathy, and loss of sensation — a combination of which can cause serious damage to your foot health. The good news is that you can reduce the […]

Eliminate Toenail Fungus: PinPointe Foot Laser Treatment

Technology plays a vital role in shaping the world. Technological advancements are happening at warp speed and have revolutionized our lives, industries, healthcare, safety, and so much more. The field of podiatric medicine and surgery is no exception. Quick, Safe, Effective, and Painless Treatment At Westchester Podiatric Medicine, P.C., we are proud to offer our […]

5 Steps for Preventing Falls in Older Adults

Anyone who has experienced an injury because of a fall knows how serious it can be, especially for the elderly. Falls are a serious threat to the health and safety of seniors. It’s the leading cause of injury and death in older Americans age 65 and older. Falls can impede your mobility and independence. Maintaining […]

3 Tips to Prevent Fungal Toenail Infections

A fungal toenail infection often starts as a spot on the nail but can quickly escalate into a bigger problem if not treated early. The fungus infects the skin underneath the toenail and then grows from there. The condition causes the toenails to become slightly thicker, more brittle, and discolored. The infection can spread on […]

6 Summer Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, the need to support people living with diabetes, and particularly those with foot problems, remains crucial. Today Dr. John C. Marzano has a few tips on how people with diabetes can maintain their foot health throughout the long, warm summer months. People with diabetes can mitigate the risk […]

Rise of Foot Pain in Quarantine

The state of New York saw its share of the Coronavirus pandemic. As we re-open and wait patiently for the virus to subside, we at Westchester Podiatric Medicine, P.C, have noticed an increase of patients experiencing foot pain. Whether you are outdoors or quarantining at home, good foot health is paramount to your overall health […]

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) And Foot Health

At the office of Westchester Podiatric Medicine of Rockland, we continue to closely monitor all developments related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and follow every protocol for the safe delivery of care. Our primary concerns are to protect patients and members of our team from exposure, illness, and further spread of the virus. While we […]

Sports Medicine

You can’t perform at your best if your feet hurt. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, it’s essential to be mindful of taking care of your feet. At the office of Westchester Podiatric Medicine of Rockland, we are dedicated to helping you maintain strong, healthy feet and ankles so that you can […]